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Say Goodbye to Freelancer Roulette: Master the Art of Outsourcing with Ease

The Outsource Playbook:

Your Blueprint to Building a Reliable Freelancer Team Without the Guesswork

Ready for your business to thrive without the added workload? Imagine leading your business to growth, not being buried under to-do lists. Discover the smart path to effective outsourcing.

  • Reclaim Your Time: Streamline your schedule by mastering the art of delegation, freeing up hours for what's truly important in your business and life.

  • Discover Quality Help: Learn how to effortlessly identify and connect with skilled freelancers for any task or project, ensuring quality and reliability.

  • Maximize Your Budget: Navigate the gig economy to find affordable talent that doesn't compromise on excellence, optimizing your resources and cutting unnecessary costs.

  • Build Strong Partnerships: Cultivate lasting relationships with freelancers who understand your vision and contribute to your business's growth and success.

  • Welcome to the no-sweat zone of outsourcing mastery. Imagine delegating with the confidence of a pro — where every freelancer you hire is a strike, not a spare. That's not just a dream; it's what The Outsource Playbook turns into everyday reality for business owners like you.

    Wave goodbye to the days (and nights) of sifting through endless profiles. With The Outsource Playbook, you're unlocking the strategy vault that catapults your business ahead, without chaining you to your desk. Dive into a sea of expert freelancers and surface with a dream team, armed with tools and tactics that turn the gig economy into your empire-building playground.

    It's not just outsourcing; it's outsourcing with swagger.

    Ready to lead your business with panache and precision? Let's turn the page...

    Why The Outsource Playbook Exists

    Like you, I've been through the wringer with outsourcing. Told to "just find someone on Fiverr or Upwork," I ended up in a maze of trial and error that nearly cost me my passion for my business. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and on the brink of giving up. Sound familiar?

    But here's the twist: After countless hours, dollars, and not a small amount of frustration, I cracked the code. Now, with over 1,000 gigs under my belt, finding the perfect freelancer for any task has become second nature. And the real kicker? I can do it in less time than it takes to drink my morning coffee.

    This journey taught me three invaluable lessons:

    1.The Magic of Meticulous Research: Skipping the legwork lands you in hot water. The right approach? A methodical one that nets a shortlist of prime candidates.

    2.The Art of Vetting: Deep dives into profiles and strategic questioning separate the wheat from the chaff, saving you from costly mistakes.

    3.The Power of Clear Communication: Misunderstandings are the enemy. A targeted communication strategy means your freelancer gets it right—the first time.

    With these revelations, not only did outsourcing become a breeze, but my business began to flourish with less effort. More than that, I found joy in helping others sidestep the outsourcing quicksand.

    That's why I created The Outsource Playbook. It's not just another program; it's the culmination of hard-earned lessons, ready to transform your approach to hiring freelancers. So, you can grow your business without the burnout, building a go-to list of reliable talent along the way.

    The Limitations of Stretching Yourself Too Thin

    Do you ever feel trapped on a never-ending treadmill of work, hustling endlessly but somehow still stuck in the same place? If this sounds painfully familiar, know that you're not alone in this struggle. 

    Many business owners find themselves caught in a relentless cycle, believing that help is either too costly or impossible to find — someone who genuinely understands what their brand is about. Perhaps you've tried bringing a virtual assistant on board, hoping for a silver bullet, only to be met with disappointment.

    Outsourcing: Your Strategy for Growth and Innovation

    Here's the unvarnished truth: Outsourcing is not reserved for the corporate giants; it's a pivotal strategy for any business aiming to scale, grow, and flourish. Done correctly, outsourcing becomes your secret weapon, allowing you to assemble a team of dedicated, skilled professionals who get the job done precisely how you want it, empowering you to embrace your role as the visionary leader your business needs.

    I've weathered the storm of seemingly endless nights, tackled daunting task lists, and navigated the frustration of mismatched support. But discovering the keys to effective outsourcing altered my business landscape entirely.

    Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee in hand, basking in the peace that comes with knowing your business operations are smooth, your tasks are in expert hands, and you're finally focused on what you do best. This scenario isn't a far-off dream—it's a tangible reality, and I'm here to walk you through every step of the journey with The Outsource Playbook.

    Embrace a New Era of Business Efficiency

    Explore how The Outsource Playbook can transform your approach to outsourcing, freeing you from the cycle of overwork and opening new doors for your business. Learn how to seamlessly connect with freelancers who will not just meet but exceed your expectations, becoming integral assets to your business's growth.

    A Strategy That Delivers

    "Angie Moore is a great resource for any business owner looking to hire freelancers on Fiverr. She is a top Fiverr buyer who runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency, who has worked with a committed and dedicated network of Fiverr Sellers that she has curated over time. Angie will teach you how you can build your business and grow your team by smartly navigating the Fiverr marketplace to hire quality talent that helps you generate results."

    Sharon Lee Thony

    Director of Digital Marketing Agencies, Fiverr

    Discover Who Benefits Most from The Outsource Playbook

    1.Business Owners on a Budget: Whether you're avoiding long-term commitments or simply don't need full-time staff, freelancers offer the flexibility to hire help only when you need it, without the overhead of traditional agency contracts.

    2.Startups on the Rise: If you're scaling your vision without the infrastructure for a full-time team, freelancers can step in for one-off tasks or entire projects, enabling you to maintain momentum without the fixed costs.

    3.Entrepreneurs Seeking Expertise: For those looking to concentrate on their core strengths, a network of expert freelancers means you can delegate the rest, ensuring every aspect of your business receives professional attention.

    4.Digital Marketing Agencies Managing Demand: Navigate fluctuating client demands with ease. Supplement your team with freelancers for overflow tasks or to add new services on the fly, enhancing your agility and service offering without permanent overheads.

    Your Key to Effortless Outsourcing

    The Outsource Playbook

    Step into a realm where freelancer nightmares turn into raving successes. The Outsource Playbook isn’t just another course — it’s the culmination of years of trial, error, and ultimate triumph in the gig economy. Tired of tales of wasted budgets, missed deadlines, and freelancers missing the mark? It’s time for a new narrative.

    This system is your all-access pass to streamlined, effective outsourcing. It's designed for entrepreneurs and business owners at every level who demand more from their business — more growth, more freedom, and more success. Ready to build a dependable team of freelancers who not only meet but exceed your expectations? Let’s unveil what makes The Outsource Playbook a game-changer.

    Modules Overview
  • Module 1: Navigating the Freelancer Universe: Explore trusted freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Onlinejobs.ph.
    Learn how to sift through the noise and find the sites that best match your project requirements.

  • Module 2: The Freelancer Discovery Formula: Unravel the secrets to spotting top-tier talent. This module teaches you how to consistently identify and engage freelancers who deliver outstanding work.

  • Module 3: Communication Mastery: Eliminate misunderstandings and foster clear, effective communication. Learn strategies to ensure freelancers are perfectly aligned with your project vision.

  • Module 4: Negotiation and Value Optimization: Master negotiation techniques to secure the best prices without sacrificing quality. Discover how to request custom offers that maximize value for every dollar spent.

  • Module 5: Outsourcing Safety Net: Protect yourself from common pitfalls within freelance marketplaces. This module covers essential dos and don'ts to keep your outsourcing safe and productive.

  • Bonuses
  • Outreach Scripts: Jump start your freelancer interactions with proven scripts. Cut through all the trial and error to vet candidates effectively from the start.

  • Templates and Checklists: Access our collection of templates and checklists designed to streamline your selection process and maintain consistency across projects.

  • Freelancer Jumpstart List: Get ahead with our curated list of reliable freelancers across various specialties. A significant head start for your outsourcing journey.

  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our private Facebook group to connect with peers, share insights, and get your questions answered.

  • Instant Access Awaits: Dive into The Outsource Playbook now and transform your approach to outsourcing. With immediate access to all modules and the support of a vibrant community, the path to outsourcing excellence starts here. Are you ready?

    Understand the Real Costs of Over-Extending Yourself or Your Team

    Whether you're flying solo or managing a small team, taking on every aspect of your business without external support doesn't just drain your resources—it risks the very growth you're working towards.

    Consider the True Impact:

  • Missed Opportunities: Every hour spent on tasks outside your or your team’s expertise is an hour not spent on strategic growth. This can lead to significant missed opportunities over time.

  • Diminished Well-being: Constantly tackling an overwhelming workload can lead to burnout, affecting both your health and the quality of your team's output.

  • Lost Revenue: Inefficient task management and execution could mean losing out on potential revenue each month. What could your business achieve with the right support in place?

  • Discover the Solution with The Outsource Playbook:

  • Comprehensive Training: Gain access to five modules (valued at $5,000) filled with expert strategies and insights, covering everything from finding and vetting freelancers to maintaining effective communication.

  • Ready-to-Use Tools: Benefit from outreach scripts and templates (valued at $797) that streamline your processes, ensuring you and your team consistently pick the right freelancers.

  • Curated Freelancer Lists: Get a head start with our hand-picked list of quality freelancers (valued at $1,800), which helps you quickly build your external team.

  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a vibrant community of business owners (valued at $997) who share insights and support each other in mastering outsourcing.

  • Total Value: $8,594. Your Investment? Just $497. We're offering you all these resources for less than the cost of a part-time assistant for a month, providing exceptional value.

    Are you ready to reduce stress and supercharge your business's growth?
    Unlock your access to The Outsource Playbook today and start transforming your approach to business.

    Capture the Distinct Advantage of The Outsource Playbook

    Unlock the value of The Outsource Playbook and propel your business forward with insights drawn from over a dozen years of direct experience. It's about maximizing potential, conserving time, and eliminating stress—the essentials for thriving in business today.

    Exclusive Offer Snapshot:

  • Tailored Modules and Bonuses: An combined value of $8,594, brimming with hands-on knowledge, actionable tools, and a supportive community—all distilled from years of successful outsourcing practice.

  • Special Limited-Time Pricing: Access the entire arsenal not for thousands, but for a one-time investment of just $497. More than a transaction, it's a partnership in your business growth.

  • What's Inside The Outsource Playbook:

  • Five In-Depth Modules: From navigating freelance sites to mastering communication, each module is crafted to bring you closer to outsourcing success.

  • Invaluable Bonuses: Including outreach scripts, operational templates, checklists, a freelancer jumpstart list, and exclusive group access.

  • Flexible Investment Options:

    One-Time Payment:


    for full, lifetime access

    Two-Payment Option:


    for those who prefer to spread out the investment.

  • This program is built for immediate impact, to put you on the fast-track for actionable results. You can start today and see the transformation unfold with your first freelancer collaboration.

    Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Get The Outsource Playbook now and step into a future where growth and freedom go hand-in-hand.

    Hey there! I'm Angie Moore, the heart and soul behind Six Degrees Digital Media and The Outsource Authority.

    Since 2010, my guiding principle has been: "Help as many as I can, as much as I can, for as long as I can." This philosophy is the lifeblood of everything I do which is why The Outsource Playbook exists.

    I've witnessed first-hand the obstacles that businesses face, no matter their size. My passion? To empower businesses with marketing strategies that are both creative and effective.

    While not every business has the resources to hire an agency, I firmly believe in the power of expert freelancers to fill that gap. They're ready and waiting to tackle tasks both large and small, bringing your vision to life.

    Cheers to taking that leap together and to a future where your marketing propels you forward the way you’ve always hoped it would.

    Angie Moore

    The Outsource Authority & President, Six Degrees Digital Media

    Are You Ready to Elevate Your Business to Its True Potential?

    Unlock the secrets in The Outsource Playbook to scale your business effortlessly. Don't let another day go
    by waiting to get the quality help you need. Ready to transform your business?

    Claim Your Lifetime Access Now

    Invest once, reap the benefits forever:

    Just $497

    30-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee:

    Your investment is protected with a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

    If The Outsource Playbook doesn’t make finding and working with freelancers a breeze,
    you’ll get every penny back. That's my commitment to your satisfaction.

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