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 Get the secrets to increasing revenue while reducing your hours, with...

The Outsource Playbook

The proven 3-step process to take work off your plate, generate leads, and scale your business!

Outsourcing Is the Key to Building a Bigger, Better,
More Profitable Business
While Saving You Time
If You Do It Right!


    by cutting hours off your workload so that you can get back to what you love about your business and rebuild your work life balance.

    your business by freeing up time to work on high-value projects while others do the rest so you can stay on track and meet your goals.


    and start outsourcing to trusted freelancers who understand your needs, and deliver what you need on time.

    with the 3-step process that shows you what to do and how to do it with time-saving  outreach templates to execute everything with ease.

    today and claim your lifetime access to this system so you can finally have the business you imagined.

  • You Simply Can't AFFORD to Ignore Outsourcing

    Let me ask you a simple question…

    Are you spending your time handling everything for your business and for your clients -from the smallest of tasks to the biggest projects?

    Maybe you think you can’t afford help, or you don’t think you can find someone you can trust to get what needs to be done to your level of satisfaction.

    Perhaps you tried hiring a virtual assistant (VA) and it didn’t turn out the way you expected.

    Many business owners don’t reach their goals and up feeling disillusioned, frustrated, or even desperate.

    Maybe this is you right now...that was me for a while as well.

    However, I managed to turn each failure into a learning experience.

    I was working 80+ hour weeks (including weekends) and all I had to show for it was a pitiful bank account and exhaustion. It wasn't the dream that I had in my head about owning my own business. Sound familiar? 

    I tried hiring VAs but that didn’t help. I spent too much time training because they weren’t experts in the areas I really needed help with.

    I was almost ready to give up, but I knew I could figure this out.

    "How can I get the quality help I need at a price I can afford?"

    This led me to develop the "The Outsource Playbook."

    The Outsource Playbook is a simple three-step process that shows you how to research, qualify, and communicate with freelancers that have specific experience for each area of your business you need help with. 

    Once you've mastered this simple process, you’ll be able to hire with confidence and build a great team that helps you hit all your business goals. Get ready to eliminate your frustration while saving both time and money.

    Thanks to this process, I've built a reliable team of freelancers that share my standard of excellence, and as a result I have been able to free up my time to focus on high-value tasks for my company.

    Most importantly, I got precious time back to spend with my family without worrying about my business falling apart...

    I went from outsourcing newbie to outsourcing expert!

    All because I realized three things:

    1. Hire specific freelancers for different tasks.

    Hiring a VA to do everything you can’t do, or don’t want to do, just doesn’t work. You’ll end up with mediocre results across the board. 
    Instead, you need experienced task-specific freelancers.

    2. Qualify and vet properly

    By reviewing profiles more closely and asking the right questions, you can determine who is the best fit and spot the red flags that will prevent you from enormous and costly setbacks,

    3. Detailed communication is key

    If you’re working with someone who may not fully understand your instructions, you can end up with misfires. There is a specific way to communicate more effectively so everyone understands your expectations.

    After I nailed down this process, I started to see constant improvements in any task I outsourced, and my business got easier to run as a result. And you can experience that too.

    Instead of being overworked, frustrated, and stuck...

    ...you'll grow your business easier than you ever thought possible.

    PLUS you'll even be able to create a list of reliable freelancers you can turn to whenever you need their expertise!

    I'm sure you've figured out where this is going.

    My goal is simple: help business owners just like you get the help you need to scale your business and realize success. You’ve got to stop spending your valuable time on tasks that aren’t your area of expertise or on low-level tasks that someone else should be doing!

    And you can get that with this simple, highly effective system...

    ...a system meant to do one thing:

    Scale Your Business Without Sacrificing Time, Money, or Quality!

    Your time is valuable, so I know this must be easy to learn, replicate, and fit into just a few hours...and you need fast results.

    That's why, The Outsource Playbook, the proven 3-step process to get the help you need for any task on any budget so you can scale your business and increase revenue, was born!

    "Angie Moore is a great resource for any business owner looking to hire freelancers on Fiverr.

    She is a Top Fiverr Buyer who runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency, who has worked

    with a committed and dedicated network of Fiverr Sellers that she has curated over time.

    Angie will teach you how you can build your business and grow your team by smartly navigating

    the Fiverr marketplace to hire quality talent that helps you generate results."

    Sharon Lee Thony

    Director of Digital Marketing Agencies, Fiverr

    Who this training is for:

  • Startups who need help but aren't ready to hire employees. Get the help you need the most for your business, whether one-time tasks or full projects. You can even get a pitch deck done!

  • Business owners who need marketing help without agency contracts. It’s tough to commit to a six or twelve-month contract without knowing how it will go. Working with freelancers, you only hire when you need them, and you only pay when you approve the work.

  • Entrepreneurs who want CEO status. You’re ready to scale and you need a team to help but want people who can step in
    without a lot of training.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies who need to outsource or offer other services. If you’re growing and need someone who can pitch in fast, freelancers are key. Work with them on a temporary basis or as long as you like. If you want to add in another service that isn’t your area of expertise, freelancers can help with that too. And you only hire them when you need them.

  • Marketing Coaches and Consultants who want to offer done for you services to their existing clients, or generate income with
    our affiliate program.

  • OBMs – bring options and solutions to your clients before they even hire you. You can have a ready-made list of trusted freelancers that can help with any task or project. This will be an advantage you have over your competitors.

  • Remove outsourcing frustration and replace it with
    The Outsource Playbook!

    This is the secret behind my outsourcing success.

    And now you'll get the chance to experience the very same breakthroughs I did...

    ...because I have laid it all out for you in this system.

    How many people have you heard of who had horrible experiences with freelancers? Maybe it even happened to you.

    If you hate building your empire all on your own or think it’s just too hard to find trusted freelancers, then you're going to love this program.

    The Outsource Playbook is a breakthrough system for business owners and entrepreneurs that quickly delivers a proven way to build a reliable team of exceptional freelancers. No more wasted money, missed deadlines, or overwhelming frustration.

    I broke the whole thing down into this fool-proof system:

    Here's what's included:

    Fiverr, Upwork, Onlinejobs.ph, Microworkers, Textbroker… it’s a maze out there! Learn the differences between the platforms and which will work best for you

    They say they can do it… then you scream in horror at the awful results! Find out how to sort the wheat from the chaff to make successful hires every time

    Avoid headaches and speed up the interview process with questions that ensure that your freelancers are a good fit for you and your company, and the particular task at hand.

    Discover the art of negotiating for budget-friendly deals to maximize your ROI when hiring freelancers.

    Know the written (and unwritten) rules of freelance marketplaces so you don’t make costly errors that can set your back or get you banned from the platform.

    Outreach scripts for qualifying freelancers
    Script templates, checklists, and more
    Freelancer Jump Start List
    Exclusive Facebook Group

  • You have immediate access to all of the modules, and you can start anytime.

    The alternative is to keep doing everything on your own

    The Outsource Playbook - The proven 3-step process to get the help you need for any task on any budget so you can scale your business and increase revenue, was developed with one goal in mind:

    To help you build your business much faster instead of doing everything on your own or hiring the wrong people.

    Here’s a recap of everything you get:

  • The Outsource Playbook with 5 training modules, a retail value of $5,000.

  • Outreach script templates, an outsource checklist, and more, a retail value of $797.

  • Freelancer Jump Start List, with the Research & Qualifying template, a retail value of $1,800.

  • Private Facebook Group to interact with other members, a retail value of $997

  • Which brings your OFFER RETAIL VALUE to a whopping $8,594!

    And frankly, the complete The Outsource Playbook Package is a STEAL at that price.

    BUT my goal for creating this in the first place was to help business owners get the help they need without breaking the bank!.

    So, we are offering the entire program and bonuses for just 1 payment of only $497.

    That means I'm essentially GIVING you $8,594 in exchange for just 1 payment of only $497.

    That's less than the cost of hiring a full-time assistant for one month to help you grow your business.

    To take advantage of this training and get access to The Outsource Playbook today.

    VIP Express Upgrade

    Fast-track your company’s growth with the VIP Express! Get 1-on-1 guidance that’s personalized for your business from a 10+ year outsourcing veteran with 1,000+ projects purchased to-date!

    By the time we’re done, we’ll have walked through my entire three-step process together and selected the specific freelancers best suited to your tasks and budget that can deliver the work you need completed.

    We'll find at least 2 category specific freelancers and have multiple options for each task or project. I may even already know the perfect person!

    Imagine having the perfect help to grow your business, experts in their field that you can afford.

    If you’re ready to jump-start your outsource success, grab the VIP Express package today to get the qualified, trusted help you need to free up your time now!

    How the VIP Express virtually pays for itself.

    Imagine paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on work that doesn’t generate ROI.

    Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than you think. Here are just a few real examples I’ve seen throughout the years...

  • Paying for a social media manager who sends traffic to a poorly designed website.

  • Hiring a web developer but ignoring best practices for user experience and SEO

  • Spending money on graphic design but using copy that doesn’t convert visitors

  • Outsourcing to a generalist freelancer when you really need specialized support

  • Over time, the price you’d pay for correcting these mistakes far exceeds the VIP Express investment.

    When it comes to your business, there’s no room for guesswork. As a VIP, you’ll get my secret list of Fiverr’s best freelancers AND three hours of one-on-one sessions where we research, qualify, and communicate your way to outsourcing success!

    By becoming a VIP, you can leverage more of my experience and save even more time as we work together to find the perfect freelancers so you can start reaping the full benefit of outsourcing right away.

    Choose the Option that's Best for You

    The Outsource Playbook

    Lifetime Access to the Program

  • Module 1: Freelance Sites Overview

  • Module 2: How to Find and Qualify Amazing Freelancers

  • Module 3: How to Prevent Bad Hires through Foolproof Communication

  • Module 4: Custom Orders and Negotiating for the Best Price

  • Module 5: Protect Yourself from Devastating Mistakes

  • Bonuses

    Outreach scripts for qualifying freelancers

    Script templates, checklists, and more
    Freelancer Jump Start List
    Exclusive Facebook Group

  • One Payment


    Two Payments


    VIP Express

    As a VIP, get everything in The Outsource Playbook PLUS

  • A personalized look at your business where we determine exactly which services you need so you can prioritize and outsource the most important work first.

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom where we apply my proven three-step process to build your business and find the best freelancers that fit your needs. Plus, one 30-minute follow up call.

  • Contacting freelancers with you through my profile which has hundreds of positive reviews to get fast responses and better service.

  • My secret list of category and task-specific freelancers (all of whom I have personally worked with and recommend) so you can skip straight to the best freelancers on Fiverr®. This is my personal “Go-To” list of freelancers.

  • And more!

  • Limited Spots Available


    I know your time is valuable, so I know this must be easy to learn, replicate, and fit into just a few hours…and you need fast results.

    You have immediate access to all of the modules, and you can start anytime.

    Angie Moore is President of Six Degrees Digital Media, which she founded in 2010, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management. She’s been working in sales and marketing since the year 2000 and has taught marketing seminars at University of Arizona’s Business Entrepreneurship Program and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Extended Education. She’s been fortunate to have worked with over 100 clients in multiple industries to help grow their businesses.

    To your success!

    Angie Moore

    President, Six Degrees Digital Media

    P.S. "But Angie - How long will it take me to find the freelancers I need?"

    With this information, you can find a qualified freelancer within 48 hours.

    "But Angie - What if have a small budget?"

    Luckily, I anticipated this. Whether you have a budget of a couple hundred dollars a month or more, you can find a quality freelancer who can take work off your plate. This can be for recurring projects or one-time tasks. You only pay for what you need when you need it.

    Join us today and get the prove process to outsourcing success!

    Are you ready to make this year your biggest and best yet?​

    If you answered yes to that question, then it’s time to take advantage of this special offer and
    claim your lifetime access to The Outsource Playbook and get started today!

    Claim Lifetime Access Now

    One-time investment - lifetime access

    Just: $497

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