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Start fast-tracking your company’s growth with the VIP Express Program!
Get 1-on-1 guidance that’s personalized for your business through my…

VIP Express Program

Power your company’s ascent through one-on-one coaching sessions with
a 10+ year outsourcing veteran with 1,000+ projects purchased to-date!

Become a VIP - $1,497

Limited to three members at this time

  • As a VIP, in addition to lifetime access to The Outsource Playbook you’ll get…

  • A personalized look at your business where we determine exactly which services you need so you can prioritize and outsource the most important work first.

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom where we apply my proven three-step process to build your business and find the best freelancers that fit your needs.

  • Contacting freelancers with you through my profile which has hundreds of positive reviews to get fast responses and better service. Then we add the winners to your profile, so you have them in your own list.

  • My secret list of category and task-specific freelancers (all of whom I have personally worked with and recommend) so you can skip straight to the best freelancers on Fiverr®. This is my personal “Go-To” list of freelancers.

  • And more!

  • By the time we’re done, we’ll have walked through my entire three-step process together and selected the specific freelancers best suited to your tasks and budget that can deliver the work you need completed. 

    We'll find at least 2 category specific freelancers and have multiple options for each task or project. I may even already know the perfect person!

    Imagine having the perfect help to grow your business, experts in their field that you can afford.

    If you’re ready to jump-start your outsource success, grab the VIP Express package today to get the qualified, trusted help you need to free up your time now!

    How the VIP Express Program virtually pays for itself

    Imagine paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on work that doesn’t generate ROI.

    Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than you think. Here are just a
    few real examples I’ve seen throughout the years...

    • Paying for a social media manager who sends traffic to a poorly designed website

    • Hiring a web developer but ignoring best practices for user experience and SEO

    • Spending money on graphic design but using copy that doesn’t convert visitors

    • Outsourcing to a generalist freelancer when you really need specialized support

    Over time, the price you’d pay for correcting these mistakes far exceeds the VIP Express Program investment.

    Limited Spots Available

    When it comes to your business, there’s no room for guesswork. As a VIP, you’ll get my secret list of Fiverr’s best freelancers AND three hours of one-on-one sessions where we research, qualify, and communicate your way to outsourcing success!

    By becoming a VIP, you can leverage more of my experience and save even more time as we work together to find the perfect freelancers so you can start reaping the full benefit of outsourcing right away.

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